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24th International Conference of the African Association for Lexicography

26-29 June 2019, Windhoek, Namibia




·        Abstracts on any aspect of dictionary research, practical lexicography or terminography

·        Abstracts from disciplines related to practical or theoretical lexicography/terminography are also invited, but they should have a demonstrable lexicographic focus.

·        Proposals for special sessions



·        All submissions will be adjudicated.

·        The conference language is English.



Please submit abstracts to reach AFRILEX before 28 February 2019.



Abstracts should be formatted according to the template (see next page), and should be between 600 and 800 words long for adjudicators to make informed judgements on the central argument of the paper, especially given that conference proceedings are not published.* Abstracts should contain the following elements: a central argument, methodology, and some (preliminary) conclusions. All citations should be accounted for in a list of references. Submissions that do not comply with these requirements will unfortunately be rejected.



Abstracts should be sent by e-mail to



Receipt of abstracts will be acknowledged and feedback will be given to authors as soon as the abstracts are received back from the adjudicators. Abstracts of accepted papers will be distributed during the conference. MS PowerPoint Presentation facilities will be available. As a backup, presenters are invited to e-mail their presentation to the organiser ahead of the conference.



It is compulsory for presenters of papers and special sessions to register before 20 May 2019.


Abstract Processing Committee

Mr. André du Plessis ( and Prof. Sonja Bosch (


Download or view ABSTRACT TEMPLATE


Full title of paper

First name(s) SURNAME (e-mail address)

Affiliation: Department/Institute, University, Place, Country


First name(s) SURNAME (e-mail address), in case of second author, etc.

Affiliation Department/Institute, University, Place, Country


Write your abstract in block style in Times New Roman 12. The line spacing should be single. Cite single authors as surname (year:page) or (surname, year:page). If you cite a publication with two authors, please do it as follows: surname1 & surname2 (year:page) or (surname1 & surname2, year:page). More than two authors are cited as surname1 et al. (year:page) or (surname1 et al. year:page). When referring to the publication as such, you can leave out the page numbers. When referring to several page numbers, you can use “page-page”.

In your Afrilex abstract, the first line of every paragraph after the first paragraph should be written with a left indent of 1 cm (like this paragraph). Tables and figures should be centered. Enumerated lists do not need to be indented.

If you list linguistic examples of languages other than English, please provide English translations.

Paragraphs after figures or tables should not be indented. Please limit screenshots (for space reasons) and keep the number of figures to a minimum. However, do not minimize figures too much: Remember that while you write this on page size A4, the book of abstracts will be printed on A5. If you are unsure about the instructions, you may consult the Afrilex abstract booklet of 2017 as example. This can be found on the following webpage:

Please note that all citations and references should be included in the reference list at the end of the abstract.

Lastly, your abstract should not exceed 800 words (MS word count), everything included – also the “References” section; see an example below. Please do not use footnotes; if unavoidable, you may use endnotes[i] instead.



Surname1, Initials, Surname2, Initials. yyyy. Book title. Place: Publisher.

Surname1, Initials. yyyy. Article title. Journal name (vol) edition:p-p.

Surname1, Initials. yyyy. Conference proceedings article. In: Proceedings title. Date, Year. Place, Country: p-p. Available: http://xxxxx. Accessed on dd/mm/yyyy.

Name of internet source. yyyy. Available: http://xxxxx. Accessed on dd/mm/yyyy.



* Presenters are invited to develop their papers into article manuscripts and submit them for peer review and possible publication in AFRILEX’s international Gold Open Access journal Lexikos:

[i] This is an endnote. It is font size 10.