The 16th Annual International AFRILEX Conference
UNAM, Windhoek, Namibia, 5-7 July 2011

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Arleta Adamska-Sałaciak

Professor Arleta Adamska-Sałaciak is head of the Department of Lexicology and Lexicography at the School of English, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. Her publications include the monograph Meaning and the Bilingual Dictionary: The Case of English and Polish (Peter Lang, 2006), as well as a number of papers on metalexicography, lexical semantics, the philosophy of linguistics, the theory of language change, and nineteenth-century linguistic thought. She has  supervised PhD dissertations (10 so far) and MA theses in all these areas. Since the mid-1990s, she has worked – as either co-author or editor – on six English-Polish, Polish-English dictionaries,  published, among others, by Longman and HarperCollins. The second, revised edition of the most recent of those, Longman Słownik Współczesny, an innovative dictionary for Polish learners of English, is due to appear in August 2011.

More information about prof. Adamska-Sałaciak’s publications, teaching experience, and participation in international conferences is available at:

AFRILEX Keynote Topic: Equivalence in a semantic and lexicographic perspective: A case study