The 16th Annual International AFRILEX Conference
UNAM, Windhoek, Namibia, 5-7 July 2011

Workshop 1: Towards Evaluation Criteria for School Dictionaries for Namibian Schools (Herman Beyer)

The Namibian Ministry of Education is in the process of reviewing its textbook acquisition policies and procedures. This includes reviewing learning materials evaluation criteria and instruments. While these already exist for textbooks, no formal evaluation criteria or instruments exist for school dictionaries. At the University of Namibia a research project is underway to (i) identify evaluation criteria for school dictionaries, (ii) develop an evaluation instrument based on the identified evaluation criteria, and (iii) develop training materials or a training workshop for future school dictionary evaluators (mainly teachers).

The workshop will be an ideal opportunity to inform the lexicographic community of this development and to highlight the approaches, procedures and progress. It will also be an important stakeholder consultation activity during which comments and suggestions from lexicographers and publishers can be collected to inform the process.

Research has already shown that school dictionaries are not utilised to their full potential, but also that their potential could be expanded.

Elements to be addressed:

- theoretical points of departure

- the Namibian educational context and its demands on school dictionaries

- some preliminary findings