Minutes of the
6th Annual General Meeting

3 July 2001, Oasis Motel, Pietersburg, South Africa



Minutes of the 6th Annual General Meeting of the African Association for Lexicography (AFRILEX) held at 14:30 on Tuesday 3 July 2001, at the Oasis Motel, Pietersburg.


1.       Opening and welcome

The Chairperson, Prof. D.J. Prinsloo, welcomed the members to the 6th Annual General Meeting of the Association. 58 members attended the AGM.


2.       Apologies

Dr. A.R. Chuwa

Prof. A.C. Nkabinde

Prof. P.H. Swanepoel

Ms. F. Shoba

Mr. B. Schulz

Mr. H. Büttner


3.       Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved after some items were added.

9.1  Motion tabled by Mr. Tshikota

9.2  Abstracts: Ms. Madiba

9.3  Programme adjustments: Mr. Motsapi


4.       Approval of minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting was approved after the correction of:

6.2  …Another issue of the newsletter is planned for later in the year.

8.2  AFRILEX should write a letter of intent to determine…


5.       Reports

5.1             Chairperson

The Chairperson, Prof. Prinsloo, read his report.


5.2             Treasurer

Mr. Kwena Mashamaite presented an audited statement of income and expenditure for 2000. The report was discussed and generally accepted.


6.       Publications: Lexikos, Newsletter

6.1             Lexikos

According to the report from the Bureau of the Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal (WAT) the next issue of the publication is on track for this year and the target date for printing is August 2001. Members are requested to ensure that the Executive has the correct postal addresses. In all the cases where members complained that they did not receive their copies of Lexikos, the WAT confirmed postage of the copies to the members. The members were requested to write down their particulars and to give them to the Executive. They were also requested to notify the Executive of any changes in contact information.


6.2             Newsletter

A Newsletter was compiled and distributed last year. Another issue of the newsletter is planned for later in the year. Members were given an open invitation to contribute news. News of a personal nature would be welcomed.


7.       Election of Board members

Every two years Board members are elected by postal ballot. The Chairperson presented the outcome of the postal ballot. The members present at the AGM accepted the chosen Board. The Board consists of eight members plus the chairperson and has the right to co-opt more members. The Board members would elect the Executive at the first Board meeting.

          The new Board was congratulated and requested to convene after the AGM in the Impala Room for the first meeting.


8.       Subscriptions

It was decided to keep the membership fees for 2002 at the current level. Local membership will remain at R80,00 per annum, corporate membership at R320, and overseas membership will remain at $30 and corporate membership at $120.

          The membership total jumped overnight from 75 paid-up members to 100. Members were requested to recruit new members with an interest in lexicographical matters.


9.       New matters

9.1     Motion by Mr. Tshikota

Mr. Tshikota suggested that a member of PanSALB or the chairperson of the Lexicography Portfolio of PanSALB be co-opted as an AFRILEX Board member:

“What if we create an ex-officio position in the AFRILEX Board for a person who is within a subcommittee of PanSALB responsible for Lexicography; in cases where the person is not elected on the AFRILEX Board – he or she could receive automatic qualification as an AFRILEX Board member by virtue if he or she being a person in charge of the subcommittee on Lexicography in PanSALB – for a good/better working relationship between AFRILEX and PanSALB.”

This person should, however, according to the constitution, be a member of AFRILEX. It was decided that the new AFRILEX Board would table this matter at the first meeting.


9.2             Abstracts: Ms. Madiba

Ms. Madiba suggested that the abstracts should be included in the Conference programme. Mr. G-M de Schryver agreed to do this. Abstracts of 500-800 words should adhere to the prescripts for abstracts. It was also suggested that whole papers or summaries of papers should be presented on the Internet. That would bridge the gap between publication of some papers in Lexikos and non-publication of other papers.


9.3             Programme adjustments: Mr. Motsapi

The suggestion was made by Mr. Motsapi that parallel sessions should be avoided and that full use should be made of the allocated three conference days. Since the standard of papers was constantly improving it became difficult to choose what sessions to attend.

          The matter was discussed at great length. It was decided that the publishers of Lexikos should decide which papers should be published in Lexikos since they set different norms. Delegates should be encouraged to prepare good quality papers.

          More papers should be published – either in Lexikos or on the Afrilex homepage on the Internet. Additional discussion time might be included; e.g. discussion slots during conference evenings. It was decided that the new Board should attend to this matter.


10. 7th International AFRILEX Conference: 2002; 8th International AFRILEX Conference: 2003; 9th International AFRILEX Conference: 2004

10.1   7th International AFRILEX Conference: 2002

AFRILEX received an invitation from the Dictionary Unit for South African English (DSAE) to have the 7th International AFRILEX Conference and the AGM scheduled for 2002 at Rhodes University, Grahamstown. Ms. Kathy Kavanagh would be the local organiser of this Conference. Conference organisers would be co-opted on the AFRILEX Board.


10.2         8th International AFRILEX Conference: 2003

AFRILEX received an invitation from the University of Namibia to have the 8th International AFRILEX Conference and the AGM scheduled for 2003 at the University of Namibia, Windhoek.

                   Although this invitation might have financial implications for members, it should be remembered that AFRILEX is an association for Africa and therefore needs to reach out to the rest of Africa.


10.3   9th International AFRILEX Conference: 2004

AFRILEX received an invitation from Prof. J.D. Emejulu from GRELACO in Gabon to have the 9th International AFRILEX Conference and the AGM scheduled for 2004 at GRELACO in Gabon.


11. Date of next AGM

9 July 2002, Rhodes University, Grahamstown.


12. Closure

The Chairperson closed the meeting by thanking everyone for his/her presence at the AGM.



Dr. Mariëtta Alberts

Secretary: AFRILEX


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