7th International Conference
Festival Accommodation

4 March 2002



Having had a few enquiries for accommodation prior to AFRILEX 2002 during the Festival period, we prepared the table below of agencies that deal with self-catering as well as B&B. Some people bringing families may not want to stay in Rhodes accommodation.


Note that we have prepared the document but people should contact the agencies direct!



Address, phone/fax/e-mail/website

Service provided

Dold, Stanley J. –

Festival Accommodation


Doug Read


Tel. (046) 622 2839

Fax (046) 622 5906



Offers accommodation, not only during festival times, on either a self-catering or B&B basis. With the self-catering, the owners move out of their homes. All the facilities are at the disposal of the guests including the maid. Some guests prefer to bring their own towels. What we do ask is that if the maid is required to cook, baby-sit etc. she be paid for additional services. The cost varies according to the house. A comfortable 3 bedroomed house sleeping 6 people would be between R450 and about R800 per night. Although the rate is charged for the house irrespective of the number of guests, we do insist that guests do not overload a house. I can also offer flats and houses sleeping between 2 and 10 people. B&B works in the traditional manner and prices range from R120 p.p. per night to about R180 p.p. per night.

St. Aiden’s Guest House

Cnr. Constitution & Milner Streets

Tel. (046) 622 7135

Fax (046) 622 4419

4 twin, 2 double and 1 family room (sleeps 4). All en suite. R150–R199 p.p. sharing, no single rates given.

Festival B&B

(046) 622 2589

(046) 622 6651



They mostly place people in homes with the owners present: “home-stay”. However, she also has a list of cottages which are vacated by students who have gone home. Prices range from R100 upwards.

Festival Homes Accommodation


Dave or Anne

3 New Street

Tel. (046) 622 5313 or

(046) 622 7410



List of houses and people who do B&B during the Festival only. Houses go for R350–R500 per day, while B&Bs are from R100 upwards.


Grahamstown Accommodation


Craig Thomson

Next to Grahamstown Publicity Association in High Street

Tel. (046) 622 5777

Fax (046) 6222 8949






A range of price categories. The website has not been updated. Various schools offer accommodation, single or double rooms were quoted at R85 (2001). The College of the Transfiguration only has backpacker accommodation available. Grahamstown Accommodation also has a list of farms if people want to stay out of town.

Rhodes University


Already listed in the AFRILEX 2002 Second Circular; R130 p.p.


For a list of some of the guest houses, B&Bs and self-catering accommodation please contact the Grahamstown Publicity Association or go to their website at:



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