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LEXIKOS is the official mouthpiece of AFRILEX.


In 1991 the Bureau of the WAT took the initiative to begin publishing a journal of lexicography called Lexikos as the first in a series called AFRILEX, the acronym for "lexicography in and for Africa". After the establishment of the African Association for Lexicography, Lexikos (as of Volume 6, published in 1996) also became the official mouthpiece of the Association, Afrilex.


Members of Afrilex are invited to share, through Lexikos, in lexicographic discussion.


Contributions from non-members, from any part of the world, and on any language(s), are also welcomed.


Journal Impact Factor

Lexikos, which has been published annually and without interruption since 1991, is now a prestige international journal on all matters lexicographic. Lexikos is an accredited journal and, as of Volume 15 (2005), all contributions are indexed by the Thomson Reuters Web of Science Citation Index.
Impact Factor 2008 = 0.300 || Ranked 56th out of 68 journals in the category Linguistics || 4th quartile
Impact Factor 2009 = 0.667 || Ranked 49th out of 92 journals in the category Linguistics || 3rd quartile
Impact Factor 2010 = 0.607 || Ranked 66th out of 141 journals in the category Linguistics || 2nd quartile

Open Access

Starting with Volume 21 (2011), Lexikos became a Gold Open Access journal, freely available to all online readers. Back issues are being added as they are digitized and indexed.


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Lexikos at Eighteen: An Analysis (by G-M de Schryver, in Lexikos 19 (2009): 372-403; 744 KB)



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